Monday, November 14, 2011

Foggy morning

Today was a misty morning. I went to work a bit earlier as usual since I had to make an early phone call. This meant it was nice and calm on the roads, a welcome plus due to the fog. Makes me wonder if I should install a fog tail light...  I had planned on installing a brake signal; now I might consider combining this with a fog light.  We'll see.


  1. Hi There , Here a note from Mango+ 295 , i was so stupid to bui the Mango without brake light , but now i,m sorry for it.
    Its good to now that someone is happy about the service of Sinnerbikes .
    I miss a photo from your mango , you can see mine on .
    When you do built in a brake light , let me now , i,m interest for it.

    greetings from Gerrit

  2. Hi Gerrit,
    I'm currently working on a house extention, so the brakelight is not on my top-priority list. Keep an eye open on this blog, sooner or later it will pop-up ;)